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We don't usually put much importance on our own thoughts throughout the day, but there is a great advantage to doing so. Our behavior patterns and the way we judge other people around us is strongly limited by our past experiences. So, if there is something that is bothering you in your life, the first step in improving a situation is often stepping outside of your own comfort zone. All around us, education systems and media advertising try to convince us that to be happy, we need to spend our lives going into debt to the banks in order to buy a bunch of crap. Although we do need a certain amount of material possessions to live, stop and actually think if the stuff you own is worth the amount of work you have to do for it in the long run. (I have a strong nostalgia for a bunch of old video games and movies that I never play anymore, so I can't criticize too much.)

Anyway, if you spend a total of 3 hours a day wishing you had 'this thing', or 2 hours a day getting angry at 'that person', you are just going to keep repeating those thought patterns, but substituting different items and people in similar situations. We all have different ways in which we can improve our lives, and to me it seems like life goes smoother when, instead of spending time and energy judging or blaming other people, we put our ego aside and spend our energy helping other people. Even if someone else is being a jerk to you for no reason, you should eventually be able to find a way to control your thoughts and look for constructive solutions to bad situations. Often times, its the tough situations that we end up getting valuable experiences from.

A lot of interesting research is being done right now on how our thoughts actually affect the structures of our brain cells. Also consider this video on quantum physics, and how atoms in the universe behave strangely to our thoughts: Note that particles ACTUALLY behave differently in physics when they are WATCHED BY OUR BRAINS. This SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE according to our current understanding of science:

Do you think either Democrat and Republican Parties can actually improve the US? 

248 deviants said They both pretend to fight over issues like gun control and abortion, to keep the public simple-minded and divided
89 deviants said No
44 deviants said Yes



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